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Loot Market is the best way to sell your CS GO and DOTA 2 skins.

Withdraw Real Money
Safe & Secure
Live Support
Load Your Inventory.

Sign into Loot Market, complete registration and load your Steam Inventory. Items that are tradable should appear on Loot Market for selling.

Select your items and set a price.

Sift through your inventory, select items for sale and set a price on them.

Trade your items to Loot Market.

Trade your items after setting Prices in order for them to be listed on Loot Market.

* Loot Market holds onto your items until they sell.

Wait for a buyer.

Be patient, someone should come and buy your item soon. Once your item has been purchased, you will receive an email notification confirming the sale.

* If you're having trouble selling your item, periodically check back to adjust prices to remain competitive.

Withdraw your funds.

Once you've managed to sell some items, you can request a withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed every 3-7 days.

Loot Market Withdrawal

Ready to start selling your skins?

Benefits of using Loot Market

Withdraw Real Money

Several withdraw options for you to choose from.
Per-service fees.
Fees as low as 2-3%.

Safe & Secure

No risk of fraud or chargebacks.
We hold all items in escrow, no risk of being scammed.
Loot Market Guarantee: We'll protect you and your items.

Live Support

Real humans on support. Never stuck talking to a bot.
No waiting for days for a reply on support tickets.
Get answers to questions or concerns fast!

Several Withdrawal Options

More ways for you to get your money! Loot Market tries to make sure you can get your money anywhere in the world.

We currently offer withdrawals via:

Withdraw with paypal
Withdraw with btc
Withdraw with skrill

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